Bringing Visions to Life

After many months of planning behind the scenes at DOUDY, we introduce to you, DOUDY Composites. Specialising in Forged Carbon Fibre custom solutions for companies and one-off projects, which we have been carrying out behind the scenes for the past year, from offering Forged Carbon Fibre Car Parts to creating custom parts/pieces. We pride ourselves in offering the finest forged carbon fibre products on the market and a level of quality which is second to none.


What is DOUDY Composites?

Simple, DOUDY Composites is a service we provide for companies and those who have a plan and design ready, which involve a part that is required to be manufactured from 100% Genuine Forged Carbon Fibre. This could be as simple as a small piece for a final product, or a part for a particular car, we can do it all, alongside industry leading manufacturers and engineers. We will be ready to execute the final stage for you and bring your vision to life.


Our Goal?

Offering a unique service experience and aiming to deliver the finest quality of components, for the corporate world and individual purposes. Just as our tagline states, we want to make sure we can bring your visions to life, by initiating that final step for you.


Are you interested?

Contact us at and we will be looking forward to working with you.