Supercars. The sharp angles, the flawless designs and the incredible sounds these machines make. A sound of music to the ear of every petrolhead. Whether it be classic, modern or custom, there’s just something about them we as automotive enthusiasts have fallen in love with. Through this passion, DOUDY was formed. A brand that not only represents us but everyone who has an emotional attachment to these magnificent machines. 

Forged Carbon Fibre has been at the heart of it all. A goal of being unique, with a unique technologically advanced material. What makes it one of a kind, is that every single one of our products, will always have a different pattern of forged carbon, truly making it exclusive to all our clients. One-off. The team at DOUDY and specialised engineers in the industry, have worked hard together to design and craft everyday products, that are practical, have the element luxury and bring you that one step closer to the feel of your dream car. 

Working closely with engineers, that specialise in the craft of Forged Composite, has helped us massively improve the forged carbon fibre that we have been using over the years on our products. The R&D work and testing that we have put into place in order to make this material come alive and to what it is today, has been crucial and nothing but amazing. DOUDY will continue to strive to perfect the Forged Carbon aspect of its products and to deliver some of the most aesthetically pleasing accessories to the market.

This brand is a passion, where every single detail is accounted for, to bring to you all the most complete and finest accessories.

Start your journey with us today. By Car Enthusiasts, For Car Enthusiasts.





Alongside offering supercar inspired goods, our element of luxury is a key aspect, from the unboxing of our cases to the simple application to your device. We strive to provide an experience you will never forget and a product you will fall in love with. We achieve this through a number of different steps, which is applied to every single one of our orders.

1. We make sure to choose the fastest and most reliable delivery service that there is, as we know you want to get your hands on something as soon as you have bought it.

2. Each and every single one of our products is inspected multiple times, to make sure everything is perfect.

3. The products are cased in one of our premium DOUDY boxes, protecting your case during delivery, as well as providing an unboxing experience which is ideal for our exclusive range of goods.

4. Everything is packaged in a secure and professional manner. All orders placed are dispatched on the same day.



Customer satisfaction is key to us, as we want to offer products that we love and are proud of. We do this by making sure all orders arrive at you securely and fast, as well as exceeding your expectations with our unique products. This is done by providing an efficient and hassle-free service, as we aim to keep everything in a very simple manner, so our customers are always left with a smile on their face :) 


DOUDY | London, United Kingdom Based Company